It was a great morning for Auburn, Alabama and the Publix Corporation as we celebrated the opening of the grocery chain's second location on North College at University Drive.  It was a large crowd of dignitaries, store officials, Chamber members and folks like myself who rarely miss celebrating good news!
Modern Media Consulting was on site to help welcome the 2nd Auburn Publix to town.
        Our family LOVES Publix.  We always see folks we know in there (which makes "a real quick trip to the grocery store" an oxymoronic statement).  We also always see Justin Murphy (@murpho5) sackin' groceries and running for office.  Justin knows everyone - not just your name, but your family, what they do, where they've been.  He is the most genuine guy I know and reminds me to be MORE genuine every time I come in contact with him.  Not by TELLING me to be, but by being so himself.
        Justin is just one of the reasons that we love Publix.  He's not the only guy they've hired that we know and speak to and it makes me wonder why other similar businesses can't figure this out.  I KNOW I pay a little more at Publix (and I still go to other grocers in the area too), but I always feel good when I walk out of Publix.
        That's a valuable piece of marketing that is hard to maintain in this day and age.